Skin rejuvenation can be achieved in a number of ways, ranging from laser, light and other energy-based treatments to chemical peels and other non-ablative methods. Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a non-ablative procedure that can reduce visible facial vessels and redness by gently warming the upper dermis, resulting in improving the appearance of the skin.

The technique results in improving the skin appearance and revitalizing it. The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer.


HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs including fine lines and wrinkles; improving elasticity, firmness, skin texture and brown spots and treating oily, congested Skin and enlarged pores.

It is a unique serum delivery system that puts the HydraFacial into a category of its own. The treatment is composed of multi-steps for cleansing, exfoliating and extracting to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenching skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Results are both instant and long-lasting.


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Crystal peeling

Crystal Peel works as a comprehensive solution for many common skincare complaints, such as redness and skin discoloration, signs of aging, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris, and more.

It is a micro-exfoliation technique that releases micro-crystals of aluminum hydroxide on the skin, removing dead cells and stimulating production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin soft, and strong.

crystal peeling 

Chemical Peeling

A chemical peel is a treatment in which an acid solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. The chemical solution makes the skin blister and eventually peels off. The technique results in new skin that is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. It reduces fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth, treats wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging, improve the appearance of mild scars, treat certain types of acne.

chemical peeling 

Carbon Laser Peeling

Focus – NaturaLase QS

Today’s laser skin rejuvenation patients are more sophisticated and knowledgeable than ever. The Carbon Laser Peel also known as the ‘China Doll Peel’ is a rejuvinating laser resurfacing treatment that utilizes focused light beams to treat skin imperfections, restore skin balance whilst promoting a fresh and even glow.


focus naturalase 

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Q-switched Spectra/ Lutronic

LUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed Q-switched laser is a versatile device that can remove, treat melasma, as well as smooth skin. The results are amazing! The device has been engineered to meet a variety of efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety and minimized downtimes, all at an affordable price.


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Ultra-pulse Fractional CO2 Laser

UltraPulse can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic ablative CO2 laser combined with non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. The CO2 laser has the longest wavelength of all the lasers and can be used safely on darker skin types with appropriate adjustments in the settings. Fractional CO2 lasers excel at treating deeper wrinkles, more severe textural changes from sun damage, wrinkles, blotchiness, acne scars, and surgical or traumatic scars. It can be used on the delicate eyelid skin and around the mouth. It is also a very effective treatment for sun damage and precancerous growthsultra pulse

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Erbium:YAG laser

The Erbium:YAG laser ablates the skin with a degree of precision that can be measured in microns and can be carried out as a fully ablative or fractional process. The technique is used to safely remove of wide variety of lesions from the skin at epidermis and dermis level and an effective skin rejuvenation. Its reliability and effectiveness have been proven worldwide.

erbium yag 

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Dana Ultra Dream Pulse

The Dana laser system has a unique ultra-pulse mode that allows operators to adjust the pulse width and interval, ensuring a wide variety of surgical applications is possible and is considered as one of the most technically advanced lasers available combining innovative design with uncompromising performance. Advantages include precise tissue vaporization and coagulation, improved surgical visibility, excellent hemostatic with generally no dressing and reduced surgical time and minimal postoperative discomfort.


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