The decision to obtain a tattoo has become increasingly popular, and so has the decision to remove it! On average, one in two people wishes to remove their tattoos after about ten years. This is a result of the inevitable changes in fashion and style or simply due to growing older. We, at Sara Saudi Centers, provide you with the safest and most effective treatment to get rid of your unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is considered as an advanced treatment designed to radically eliminate tattoos, without leaving scars or un-pigmented areas of skin. The mechanism of laser tattoo removal treatment depends on the laser’s high energy light breaking up the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are gradually absorbed by the skin. Local anesthetic can be used to eliminate the slight pain associated with the laser tattoo removal process.

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The type of laser is an important factor when determining the color pigments that may be treated particularly well and the colors do not respond as well to treatment. Ruby lasers have proved to be strongly absorbed by green colored pigments, in addition to dark colors in general. Patients generally tolerate the treatment without an anesthetic; a local anesthetic can be used in rare

The absorbed energy is transferred and then fragments the ink particles from the connective tissue. The fragmented particles are then degraded. The irradiated area of skin appears whitish for between ten and twenty minutes immediately after treatment. A slight crust then forms, which will slough off after between one and two weeks. It is common to require a number of sessions at intervals of several weeks for the removal of the tattoo.

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Focus/ NaturaLase QS

This is a well-designed and versatile laser machine creating multiple treatment opportunities from one system. The machine is used efficiently for tattoo removal (all colors), pigmented lesions, vascular lesions and hair removal with more energy and a better beam profile. The system uses more energy for better penetration and efficacy. The technology will eliminate the pigment from the tattoo leaving it transparent.

The NaturaLase 1064 uses a large spot and a flat top beam to deliver energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the surface of the skin. Deeper penetration means a higher fluence at the target and a lower fluence at the surface. Skin damage at the surface is reduced while the higher fluence at the target promotes better efficacy.


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Q-switched Spectra/ Lutronic

This system is a versatile device that can remove the tattoo and treat melisma. The system provides efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety, minimized downtimes and - most importantly- all at an affordable price.


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The ruby wavelength that the device uses is the optimal wavelength for the removal of darker (black and blue) pigments. It is also effective in the treatment of green-colored tattoos. The device also uses ultra-short pulses of the Q-Switched that work on bursting the particles without any thermal side effects or scars. This increases patient comfort.

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