aginal Tightening and Whitening

Many women are frustrated about darker genitals that result from hereditary genes, menopausal hormonal changes, childbirth, ageing or bacterial infection. Skin whitening and intimate area rejuvenation (Vaginal Rejuvenation) is the bleaching of darker tissue surrounding the genital area for cosmetic appearance.

Laser treatment has recently proven efficacy to the traditional armamentarium associated with surgical approaches because of its precision and the ability to limit damage depth.

MCL31 Dermablate/ Asclepion

The device is characterized by its use of precise ablation and fractional technology. The device allows the safe and gentle removal of a variety of benign lesions of the skin. It provides effective treatment for wrinkles and scars without any thermal damage to the skin. The device has become the world’s most advanced laser system for vaginal rejuvenation or treatment of stress urinary incontinence.MCL31

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