Plasmage is a medical device that allows non-invasive removal of imperfections and skin lesions. Plasmage is considered as an excellent alternative in diseases where it is difficult to use other instruments like the Laser or Radio-surgical units. Plasmage does not damage the surrounding tissues subjected to change treatment, so there is no inflammation to healthy skin.

Indications of use:

  • Eyelid treatment.
  • Dyschromia treatment (an alteration of the color of the skin or nails).
  • Treatment of Periumbilical Striae Distense ("breaks" in the connective tissue).
  • Removal of: Angioma, Verrucae, Telean-giectasic, Lentigo, Fibroma, Keloids, Xanthelasmas, Naevus and Keratosis.
  • Improvement of post acne lesions.
  • Non-pharmacological treatment of acne.


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