05 Nov 2017

Protect Your Skin During Winter

Having a skin that is soft to the touch is everyone’s dream. But the cold winter is not very easy on your skin. Our skin rapidly loses moisture to the environment. Using the right moisturizer, humidifier, natural oils as remedy is very important to get that soft and healthy skin. Follow these useful skin care tips in order to get that naturally radiant and fresh look

1. Drink Water! Lots of it

We don’t feel especially thirsty during winter as the weather is less humid. But staying hydrated with the right amount of water intake is very important. Make sure that you always carry water when going outside in order to quench thirst and stay hydrated. It will help in making your skin look radiant and prevent it from drying.


2. Wear Gloves!

A very effective and simple skin care tip is to wear a good pair of gloves. Apply a good amount of moisturizer and wear a pair of gloves, and your hands will stay moisturized all day long.


3. Moisturize daily

Use a moisturizing body lotion to keep your skin hydrated. It will replenish lost nutrition from your skin and will help keep your skin soft and glowing.


4. Don’t neglect your face!

Your facial skin needs additional moisture. Use a slightly thicker moisturizer to protect your complexion.


5. Moisture on the go! 

Pocket-sized hand creams offer great protection for those chilly winter days. Carry one with you at all times to avoid that dry, tight feeling.


6. Don’t forget the feet!

Use foot cream at night for your cracked heels. Wear socks after you moisturize helps lock all the moisture in!