Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair! It’s here, there and everywhere. But that does not mean it has to stay.

Our simple treatment will destroy those hair follicles in a matter of minutes. You'll save time, money and you'll save yourself from a lifetime of shaving and waxing. We use state-of-the-art technologies for your hair removal, painless and smooth. Our medical professionals have mastered the process of hair removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to get rid of that hair for good.

So say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth results.

Our Machines

 Apogee+ / Cynosure

The clinically proven 755 nm Alexandrite lasers high melanin absorption characteristics and proven long-term results make it a wave length for excellent hair reduction, permanently reducing hair by an average of 79% after three treatments.  


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Vectus / Cynosure

The Vectus laser is the intelligent choice for the fastest laser hair removal. With the proven reliability and low ownership cost of Diode technology. The vectus laser provides high-volume permanent hair reduction for a wide range of skin and hair types without sacrificing client comfort. Vectus  

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Elite+ / Cynosure

The Elite+ Aesthetic workstation is built on two clinically proven wave lengths – the 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG, which allows you to perform aesthetic laser treatments with unsurpassed efficacy and client comfort. Elite+ features larger spot sizes and higher fluencies to deliver energy faster with exceptional results. Elite  

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LightSheer Duet / Lumenis

With two hand-pieces supporting two technologies Light-Sheer DUET enables permanent hair reduction from all areas of the body. Its advanced technology reduces pain while increasing efficacy, enabling fast and comfortable treatments for patients and practitioners.


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Candela GentleLase / Syneron

Candela-Syneron is known for their state-of-the-art equipment, which utilizes their patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD) for increased patient comfort.  The GentleLase Pro™ is considered by many the “gold standard” in laser hair removal equipment.  Our high-powered alexandrite laser combined with our expertise in hair removal means you will get an effective laser hair removal treatment leading to the best results. Candela  

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Epicare / Lightage

Defining the state-of-the-art, the EpiCare-LP™ laser system represents a revolution in next-generation technology. Designed for those who require the very best performance and additionally desire the lowest treatment cost, the EpiCare-LP™ laser system provides astonishing value – setting a new standard unmatched in the industry. Epicare  

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Synchro REPLA:Y 3.4 / Deka

Has the most powerful Alexandrite laser for the first time together with unrivalled DEKA Nd:YAG lasers characteristics. Moveo is an innovative idea based on 4 fundamental concepts: effectiveness, speed, simplicity and safety. The Moveo method consists of repeated passages on small areas, inducing a gradual heating of the vital parts of the hair and leading to their destruction: no undesirable side effects, no intolerable pain. Moveo is also cooled by a built-in chilling system for treatment without pain or even patient discomfort. deka  

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MedioStar Next / Asclepion

Thanks to the highly reliable diode technology and the user-friendly interface, even less-experienced users can become confident appliers of the most advanced hair removal techniques in a few simple steps.

The hand-piece of the MeDioStar NeXT PRO comes in a unique combination of wavelengths. This offers physician's greater versatility in assessing the prevalence of darker or fairer phototypes among their patients. A technological innovation developed by Asclepion to satisfy the demands of its clients all over the world. MedioStar


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Laser Hair Reduction

Vellus hair is a type of human hair that is short, fine and translucent and is found on the upper lip, cheeks, arms and legs, backs, on the back of toes and fingers and on the chest. Vellus hair develops during childhood and everyone has it. Vellus hair can be darker in some people particularly in those with darker complexions. When it is darker, it becomes more noticeable and for this reason many people, particularly women, want to get rid of it. Laser treatment is available to remove vellus hair from all parts of the body. It is fast and effective with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.

Focus / NaturaLase QS

A well designed, reliable and versatile laser creating multiple treatment opportunities from one system. Successfully treat vellus hair with more energy and a better beam profile. The NaturaLase QS uses a large spot and a flat top beam to deliver energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the surface of the skin. Focus  

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Q-switched Spectra / Lutronic

LUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG SPECTRA™ laser has been engineered to meet the growing demands of a busy clinic, and includes a variety of efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety and minimized downtimes, all at an affordable price.



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Elman Electrolysis


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